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The Musician you want to meet

We all have heard a saying which goes like, "If there's a Will, there's a way." Now imagine a person named Will himself. Whose name holds the definition of the determination itself. Yeah, that's right  We are talking about a person who showed the world that wherever is he there's definitely a way. That's Will Ready. Who basically is, the whole package Smooth and pure R&B, and of course, an entertainer. 

Will Ready is a self-made man who lives his life just the way he wants to. Super focused on his work without any excuses, regrets and look backs at all. Everything he ever does has to be a work of perfection. So, we can totally call him a perfectionist. Can't we? His love for making music, writing and a really strong determination kept him moving forward no matter what. All the obstacles seemed to fade away and give up by the time since his will power is that strong. 

Besides being a musician, this 6'4" legend has unconditional love for basketball but his destiny wasn't written here. A devastating knee injury ended his college basketball career. How cruel life can be at some points! His admiration of music business pioneers and a dash of twisted fate sidelined him from basketball and made him end up being a stunner in the industry of melodies and music. Or else maybe we would've been watching a handsome man dribbling in a basketball court as a professional player. But hey, let's look at the bigger picture. Because of that, we got such an amazing musician.

Will's full-service music business, which is known as Ready Music Group (RMG), is built for successful entrepreneurship. Will believes his injury was a blessing in disguise; a blessing that made him enter and be a legend in the music world and be keen business savvy. 

Will's gifts made him land on the international platforms with heartwarming fans welcoming him. He left his autographs in Europe, Japan, and the Caribbean. This incredible man has opened shows for many music legends such as Chaka Khan, The Temptations, The Whispers, Al Jarreau, Zapp, Midnight Star, Slave, and Howard Hewitt to name a few. Such a Lucky audience!

Will has been recording and performing professionally for over 20 years now and he has released 6 CDs. His latest album "Black Coffee," is scheduled for release in 2k19. A single hit from his latest album, which is "One Night Stand" is receiving airplay domestically and internationally. It also won the best R&B song at GHP virtual Music Awards. Impressive. Isn't it?

Will Ready is not only a raw talent in the music industry but also a professional actor with film credits. We all including Will himself are really excited about his upcoming role as "Detective Omar Patton" in "Fork" which is the brand new J. Mark Eiden/45th Parallel Production Film.

This guy attributes his sleeky seductive style to his love of R&B, Soul, Jazz artists such as Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, Maxwell, Baby Face, Luther Vandross, Keith Sweat, Ron Isley, and Charlie Wilson. Will definitely owns a soulful sound of a balladeer whose aim is to please and tease. 

Now we all know where to go and whom to reach if we want to hire a famous band for a delightful event. To make any event which is so special and close to your heart extra-ordinary. Because now our choices are clearly clear!


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